Welcome to Cross Process

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Welcome to Cross Process: A Journal of Hybrid Film/Video.  We’re up and running and seeking our first submissions.  Scroll down for submission guidelines and send us your great work!

Submission Guidelines

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At Cross Process, we’re always looking for films that both explore and exploit boundaries. These films may be animated, shot on film, created mathematically, digital, documentary in nature, lyrically inclined, installation pieces, footage of amazing video performances, or anything else imaginable. In short, if you’re a very straightforward narrative filmmaker, this is likely not the venue for you.

Submission entry is free.
Cross Process welcomes all international submissions with English subtitles.
Submit up to two films.
The filmmakers must hold all necessary rights for exhibition and distribution of their video.
The length of each video must not exceed 20 minutes.
All submissions must have been produced within the past five years.
No entrants may substitute, after submission, a revision of any video.
If a film is accepted, all filmmakers will retain rights to their films. The publishing right granted to Cross Process is a non-exclusive, one time serial right.
If a film is accepted, the filmmaker will need to provide a digital file of the film.
Films may be submitted digitally by sending a link to crossprocessjournal [at] gmail.com or physically mailed to:
Cross Process
c/o Timothy David Orme
502 W. Myrtle St.
Apt. 303
Fort Collins, CO  80521

If mailing, please send a Region 0 DVD. No physically submitted films will be returned.
If you do not hear back from us in six weeks, please send us a query letter.